Patricia Montgomery | Turner/Corpening Wedding Day Prep
Created 3-Jun-12
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The bride and groom, along with friends and family, are getting ready for the wedding.
9231 Lindsey Friend Makeup9223 Lindsey Eye Makeup9213 Lindsey Eye Makeup PP9264 Lindsey Makeup at Mirror9228 Lindsey Pre-Wedding Hair9274 Lindsey Phone Hair Prep9287 Lindsey Hair Prep9285 Lindsey Curls9233 Kalee Hair Prep9237 Becca Hair Prep9260 BM Mary Hair Prep9270 Becca Makeup9304 Lindsey Mom Hair Prep9324 Lindsey Hair Prep9320 Lindsey Smile Hair Prep9321 Lindsey Mom Smile Together9298 Lindsey Hair Curls9298 Lindsey Hair Curls SEPIA9242 BMaids Two Hair Prep9235 Natalie Hair

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