Patricia Montgomery | Turner/Corpening Wedding Day
Created 6-Jun-12
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Reggie & Lindsey tie the knot at Belle Terra on May 26, 2012.
9376 Reggie Waits For His Bride9378 Reggie's Bride Gets Closer9380 Reggie's First Sees His Bride9383 Reggie First Look at His Bride9385 First Moment Together9386 First Sweet Kiss on Cheek9297 Artistic View as Reggie Waits for Bride9329 Wedding Site9819 Guests Wait for Ceremony to Begin9820 Reggie's Dad9826 Reggie's Mom Down Aisle9838 Lindsey & Dad Go Down Aisle9843 Down the Aisle9844 On Dad's Arm9845 At the Arbor9850 The Ceremony9857 The Ceremony9861 Sand Ceremony9862 Sand Ceremony9864 The Ceremony

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